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Ality Pixxa 無線Wi-Fi 8吋數碼相架 - JC-OTS-0993


As a WiFi digital photo frame, Wireless PIXXA enables you to instantly send and receive photos from your family and friends from anywhere in the world. With Wireless PIXXA, you can view automatic news flash and weather reports, all in an instant.

Wireless PIXXA is a smart device which organizes your life. Able to synchronize with Google Calendar, the Live Calendar in the frame displays your personal schedule and alerts you with your favorite photos on important dates. Wireless PIXXA makes photo management easy by automatically updating your photos from online accounts like Flickr, Picasa and AlityOnline.

The multi-functional Wireless PIXXA also encompasses features such as multi-user, clock and alarm, libraries for photo, music and video storage.

Enjoy the state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design in one Wireless PIXXA.

Photo Messenger ™

Share photos as easy as Instant-Messenger 
The patented Photo Messenger™ dissolves the distance. You can send and receive fun photos and warm greetings instantly even when you are miles away from your family and friends. Choose the ones you wish to send your photos to. In just seconds, your photos are delivered to your specified friends' photo frames or computers.

Invite your friends to share their photos with you through WEB Photo Messenger™
Your invitation enables your friends to register an AlityOnline account, even if they don have a photo frame. In the AlityOnline website, your friends can send you photos in the simplest way by the WEB Photo Messenger. In just 3 clicks: CHOOSE, BROWSE, SENDC, your friends?photos will reach your photo frame in seconds. Remind your friends to Download and Install the Photo Messenger Client into their computers for an instant live chat with you!

Function Highlight 


Send and receive photo messages instantly
Communicate by Photo Messenger Client in computers
Receive photos from online accounts: Flickr, 
Picasa and AlityOnline
Share photos with non photo frame owner through web account in AlityOnline
Display online or offline status of your contacts
List your contacts with your selected profile pictures

Slim, Stylish Design in current Wireless Wi-Fi Technology